Dan Douglas

Professor Emeritus, TESL/Applied Linguistics Program
English Department, Iowa State University

I conduct research on the assessment of language ability in specific academic and professional contexts, the effect of context on second language acquisition and use, and language for specific purposes. I retired from teaching in May, 2009, but am still active in the fields of Language for Specific Purposes and Language Assessment.

I was President of the International Language Testing Association (ILTA) 2005-2006 and again 2013-2015.

Recent Work

Douglas, D. (2010). Understanding Language Testing. London: Hodder-Arnold.

Douglas, D. (2000). Assessing Languages for Specific Purposes. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Think Globally, Test Locally: Tailoring English Language Assessment to Meet Regional Needs.
Keynote Address. First Conference on ELT in the Islamic World, December, Tehran, Iran.

Douglas, D. This won’t hurt a bit: ESP assessment for nursing. Keynote Address.
2010 ESP International Symposium, October, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

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